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Theory of Change
We aim to do three major evaluations:
We want to understand if the content created by TheTeacherApp internally and via partnerships is of superior quality, conceptually accurate and a useful learning experience for teachers.
TheTeacherApp has developed a robust Quality framework which has detailed parameters defining quality of a digital learning experience.
Basis this framework a feedback rubric is created for an auditor to assess and report.
A select group of auditors comprising academicians, instructional designers and teachers are independently selected.
Each of these auditors go through the sample content and score the same leading to an evaluation of the content created by TheTeacherApp
We want to evaluate when teachers access digital training on TheTeacherApp does that lead to significant knowledge gain, practice change and impact the learning outcomes of her students.
For this, we would create short courses which cover all concepts required by a math teacher of Grade 3 along with strategies for the classroom.
This package then would be delivered to a sample of maths teachers in the partner state. (with control group not receiving this package).
Then the group of teachers and the students studying with them would be observed and evaluated over a period of 2 years.
This study would be designed and executed by an independent evaluator.
We believe to start off even access is impact. We want to institutionalize a qualitative study of all the trainings offered by the states with which TheTeacherApp is working. This study would attempt to compare the quality of these trainings as opposed to TheTeacherApp content which can be accessed directly anytime, anywhere for zero cost.
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