Why We Exist?


*1 out of 7 teachers in India clears the Teacher Eligibility Test
There are 9 million teachers in India and we add another 900,000 teachers every year. Year after year, we have seen that only 1 out of 7 teachers in India clear the Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by the Government of India. Clearly, our teachers still need conceptual clarity. The training infrastructure in our country has failed our teachers who, like any other serious professionals such as lawyers, doctors, etc., require regular and continuous professional development. professional development. This a big problem because the 250 million children currently enrolled in schools, completely depend on their teachers for learning. TheTeacherApp aspires to address this gap. We are building interactive, digital content which can be accessed by any teacher or anyone interested in teacher education, for free.
Our Mission
Break barriers between teachers and quality professional development content.
Create an ecosystem to enable and accelerate the digitization of existing non-digital teacher development solutions.
Our Approach
Our exploration started in 2016, where we were putting pieces together to develop a solution which is designed for scale and which works within the existing teacher support infrastructure. Our answer was within MOOC technology but we knew that we had to customize MOOC format for our target audience. We arrived at what we call ‘Sweet spot’ format.
Following are the attributes of a good digital learning experience for teachers:
  • Audio visual
  • Short and modular
  • Constructive
  • Interactive
  • Delivered in a local language (Hindi)
  • Consumes less than 100 MB to access on a smartphone
  • Downloadable and offline
  • Open source
TheTeacherApp aims to create digital learning experiences for teachers in India and provide access to these experiences through an android app, such that these experiences are accessible for all audiences freely.
Our Values
Being on deck for each other
We ensure that each one of us grows every day. We guide, stand behind and celebrate each other's’ brilliant work and contribution, understanding that we are better together.
Being anchored to the user
The teacher is the centre of our universe. We constantly aim at making our product available to the last user with least infrastructural resistance as well as intuitively usable.
Being a believer of possibilities
We aren’t dejected by failures. We treat each challenge as a learning opportunity and become better upon overcoming each hurdle.
Being agile
We don’t let the aspiration for perfection slow us down. We wish to build fast, fail fast, fix fast.
Being relentless
We are relentless in our pursuit for excellence and persistent with ideas. Excellence for us is transformation in classroom practices through strengthened foundational knowledge of teachers.
Being transparent and open to feedback
We get excited about feedback on our product. We seek to understand, from each other and our users, and we listen with curiosity.