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Every teacher will learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost.

TheTeacherApp is a not-for-profit organization aiming to achieve the above vision.

Why We Exist

There are 9 million teachers in India and we add another 900,000 teachers every year.
Year after year, we have seen that only 1 out of 7 teachers in India clear the Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by the Government of India.
Clearly, our teachers still need conceptual clarity. The training infrastructure in our country has failed our teachers who like any serious professionals like lawyers, doctors require regular and continuous professional development.
This a big problem because the 250 million children currently enrolled in schools, completely depend on their teachers for learning.
At TheTeacherApp we aspire to bridge the gap and take the training to the teacher, instead of the other way around. We believe that the current wave of digitization in India is in our favour. There are 314 million mobile phone users in India and that number is fast growing, with the digital wave that India is riding. We are optimistic that by 2020, most teachers in India will have access to an internet-enabled smartphone. However quality, professional content for teacher's development is non-existent in the digital space. In cases where it is present, it exists as PDFs or in formats that do not create a holistic learning experience for the teacher.

Our Mission

  • Break barriers between teachers and quality professional development content
  • Create an ecosystem to enable and accelerate the digitization of existing non-digital teacher development solutions

And we aim to achieve this by creating interactive, digital learning experiences which can be accessed by any teacher or anyone interested in teacher education, for free.