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We follow a unique approach towards building education technology solution for teachers in India.

Great content will only reach the last mile if it is engaging and accessible.

Similarly, content that is aligned with teachers’ motivations will encourage them to consume it. Hence, our approach involves carefully looking at four key pillars - Content, Engagement, Access and Motivation- in cohesion.

Our team has carefully prototyped rich digital learning experiences for teachers which are

  • Constructive in nature
  • Interactive
  • Delivered in Hindi
  • Consume less than 100 MB data
  • Downloadable and available offline

Our vision is to create a world where every teacher will learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost. Enabling 9 million teachers to learn and grow is an enormous task and cannot be done alone. Hence, to accomplish our vision, we operate in two modes : Demonstrate and Influence

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In mode Demonstrate, we create content ourselves and demonstrate that:

  • It is possible to provide great learning experience for teachers over mobile
  • Digitization is not a complex process and can be done at reasonable costs

In this mode TheTeacherApp is focused to create over 300 hrs of content and distribute the same to over 100,000 teachers in next 2 years.


In mode Influence, TheTeacherApp is keen to influence individuals and organizations who have access to knowledge which teachers require continuously. In this mode, we would make strategic partnerships to accelerate the digitization vision of other organizations and individuals.

For individuals, TheTeacherApp has launched a national author fellowship program to attract bright academicians and pedagogues to develop the knowledge of creating digital content for teachers. The aim would be to influence over 100 individuals in the next 3 years to create great content for teachers.

For organizations, we plan to launch The Dream Team Program. This program would be focused to build capacity of organizations to accelerate the process of digital content creation for teachers. We would target both government and non-government organization to achieve the same.


“Every teacher will learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost.”

We develop partnerships with national/state governments and NGOs to enable their journey of digitizing content for teachers. We work with them and build capacity to accelerate their efforts. Interested? Join Us.

Interested? Join Us