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Every teacher will learn and grow
anytime, anywhere, at zero cost.


Digital learning experiences on core concepts in Math, Language, Pedagogy, Science available as short, interactive, offline videos.

Stories of teachers from schools across India; videos on innovative tools for classroom; podcasts on topics that matter the most to teachers.


Tremendous initiative and a wonderful project. TheTeacherApp’s inputs will be very valuable for building the National Teacher Platform.

Anil Swarup, Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy, MHRD

TheTeacherApp is recognised as one of the most promising non-profit startups. The highlight about TheTeacherApp is the trust in the team's capabilities, the focus on quality execution and the passion for changing education for millions in India.

Atul Satija, Head, N/Core alpha

Being a teacher I love to turn a boring lesson into an interactive session to motivate students. Thankfully, TheTeacherApp makes it easy by simply following the posts, content material and announcements for the courses.

Priya Khurana, Delhi

Very easy to use. Now we don't have to carry heavy books or laptops. We can use this anywhere and anytime. We now have a platform to share our daily life classroom issues and find solutions for them, by connecting with other teachers. Apart from this, it provides such a platform to the teachers where they can share their success stories. It provides us with an environment to explore ourselves and to show our potential as well.

Ishit Kumar, Cluster Coordinator, American India Foundation, Delhi

Ultimate App. It forms the base for teachers in the digital era. It will help teachers join the technology revolution.

Vinod Sharma (Coordinator), American India Foundation, Punjab

I never thought I would get something like TheTeacherApp! I find it extremely interesting. It is so useful to learn how to handle relationships with our students because sometimes we get angry at them and sometimes we feel love towards them. In the videos I learnt how to balance that. I loved how the teachers spoke in the videos and how fluent the content was.

Kulbir Kaur, Punjab

It’s a good tool for the teachers. It instills a sense of confidence through recognition (Humans of Indian Schools), allows us to gain respect and learn of/from other teachers. It motivates us to learn from other teachers and perform as well as they do.

Foran Chand, Science Teacher, Punjab

What captured my attention are the courses and Teacher Toolkit. Courses will help me to improve my teaching skills because I would be able to explain the concepts from the point of view of my little kids at primary level. Teacher Toolkit is an easily available resource that can be accessed when needed. The entire app is a medium for low cost/no cost ideas, making teachers resourceful. It will definitely improve our teaching-learning methods.

Swati Dhonchak, Primary School Teacher, New Delhi

TheTeacherapp is a great tool for teachers to easily understand how to navigate through difficult topics in class. We can learn new concepts and (access) material for teaching from the Resource Contest. We can also clear our queries by communicating with other teachers and educators.

Kamlesh Joshi, Science Teacher, Uttarakhand

I would like to thank [TheTeacherApp Team] for getting my doubts cleared through telephonic conversation. I learnt lot of things related to time management and motivating (academically) weak students in the classroom. Tips on use of concept maps, graphic organizers, delegation of duties to students in practical classes etc. were very handy. I further explored these tips on Google and learnt a lot in the process. Thanks to team of TheTeacherApp for their hardwork and dedication to make such a useful app

Darwan Singh Bhandari, Science Teacher, Uttarakhand